What's so great about home delivery?


Imagine waking up in the morning and going to your front door.  On the doorstep is yummy fresh bread not long out of the oven.  Perfect, now that’s all the sandwiches and lunches covered for today.  Also in the box of goodies, fresh Jonesy’s Milk from country Victoria, perfect with a morning coffee and on your favourite cereal.


There’s still more to come fresh croissants, aahh a treat for yourself at morning tea.  The kids are covered as well a nice yeast finger bun for morning snack.  Friends coming around for afternoon cuppa, our famous carrot cake is in the goodies box ready to serve.


No time to make dinner tonight, appointments, kids sport, working late!  Don't worry dinner is in the box of goodies as well.  Tonight its slow roasted lamb with a sweet potato mash.  Dessert as well, maybe creamy lemon tart or perhaps a tasty chocolate pudding. 


A few simple clicks of the mouse you can have all your weekly baked goods delivered to your door.

What else?

- Birthday Parties

- Cocktail Parties

- Easter Fare

- Christmas Fare

- Special Occasions

Remember us for easter, christmas and all your special occaisions.  We can personlize a catering menu specific to your needs and deliver it to your door.